There’s a pretty funny video that I can’t seem to find. It’s basically a UAV flying back and forth at a gun range while a dozen or so people unleash hot leaded fury trying to shoot it down. This was from about 20 yards away. If I recall correctly, it took like 10-15 mins. » 4/27/15 9:39am Yesterday 9:39am

We just pulled the trigger on a Nespresso Vertuoline about a month ago. Normally I would have squashed the idea of a $350 coffee maker, but the thing was $100 off from the manufacturer, they threw in the automatic milk frother, we had a 20% off coupon from the store, and SWMBO can pretty persuasive when she wants… » 4/16/15 3:36pm 4/16/15 3:36pm

First of all, I'd like to say thank you. Your photography and stories manage to communicate a feeling of awe-inspiring wonderment that I've only managed to achieve myself on the too-rare occasions when I travel abroad. Your work helps to satiate that hunger until my next adventure. » 4/16/15 11:55am 4/16/15 11:55am

Remember, the goal isn’t to land on barges. This is just to prove out to NASA and the Airforce that it’s in fact safe enough to try on land (where pitching and rolling seas aren’t an issue). They’ve already proven that the boosters can do the final descent on land just fine (250m soft landing test). The space… » 4/14/15 6:48pm 4/14/15 6:48pm

Damn these stories for always being about famous guys boning groupie chicks. You never hear good stories about random Joes shacking up with female artists. I want Anna Kendrick (she sings technically) to use me in the stairwell of a seedy motel. » 4/13/15 6:46pm 4/13/15 6:46pm

Handmade for the sake of calling it handmade is BS. Unless significant craftsmanship is required for the results. The leather work is beautiful, and qualifies for handmade. That dude putting all the steel into a jig and welding it all together is a waste of time and money. Replace him with a robot. » 4/13/15 11:46am 4/13/15 11:46am

For perspective, 150 miles doesn’t even get you to the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Could you imagine if China just started building an island for staging their military and claiming Gulf Resources off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico? » 4/09/15 1:06pm 4/09/15 1:06pm