The concept works in the sense that this is how they impart oak qualities in many "stainless steel fermented" wines. The cost of oak barrels has risen enormously over the past few decades. Barrel coopers are making a killing while shrinking in numbers.

I think where this group failed is in understanding proper… » 10/17/14 5:57pm Friday 5:57pm

Ashley, thanks for including the Lumia 1520 in this comparison (it's often overlooked), but just a few corrections.

- It's 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset (the GPU is Adreno)
- It's expandable to 128GB officially (but Sandisk's 128GB card works in the 1520, so it's potentially higher) » 10/15/14 1:23pm Wednesday 1:23pm

My thoughts exactly. It's coming from skunkworks because it's a DOE budget with DoD as a key stakeholder. I'm not quite sure about the vehicular propulsion aspect of it though. We used to have nuclear powered Cruisers, but the cost of maintaining them outweighed the advantages of nuclear propulsion. It's not only the… » 10/15/14 10:10am Wednesday 10:10am

The question is, do you still need 2 separate batteries if you have inductive charging? The way I use mine, one gets used while the other charges. In this new scenario it seems like you charge it WHILE you're using it (at least when you put the tool down). Might not work as well for contractors, but good for the DIY… » 10/14/14 5:17pm Tuesday 5:17pm

How does that work though? I mean, if you're the pilot your controls are on your left, but if you're the co-pilot it's on your right? I've driven stick with shifter on the opposite side and that gearbox got a little beat up. Does that mean that pilots train ambidextrously? » 10/14/14 3:44pm Tuesday 3:44pm

You may want to try the Bidul USB hub and Card Reader. It's designed for the Surface Pro 2, seems to work on the 3 as well. From what I've read users say that the fit isn't quite as "flush" as it is on the 2, but I think it's worth it. » 10/14/14 2:32pm Tuesday 2:32pm

The term "honing" is ambiguous. An extra-course 70 grit stone is referred to as a "honing stone", despite being capable of completely reprofiling a blade. The important difference is in the mecahincs. Are you removing stock? Then you possess the capability to sharpen something. These rods absolutely sharpen. They're… » 10/14/14 10:32am Tuesday 10:32am

While I understand where their concern for sparing came from; I think it's a moot point with the rapid development of 3D printing/manufacturing. With NASA already testing 3D printed engines, it's only a matter of time before they start printing spares in space and just start shipping up the raw materials. » 10/12/14 2:05pm 10/12/14 2:05pm

You think today's sailor knows how to repair their own pump, electrical system, engine? Of course not. There's a reason the Navy doesn't have tenders anymore. Welcome to the 21st Century Navy. For better or worse this is the state of affairs. Don't blame this specific program. » 10/11/14 4:28pm 10/11/14 4:28pm